Maple Street Emmet-124th

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Maple Street Emmet-124th

Postby ZaEry » Thu Aug 03, 2017 4:09 pm

Some may not be aware but there are plans to widen 120th Street from Maple-Fort into four lanes. Also included in the project is improvements to the intersection of 120th & Maple. You know how when you are traveling north of the intersection, there is only one through lane. In the improvements it will include two through lanes and a double left turn in all four directions. I know this project may not be on anyones number 1 list but something that should be added to the project is widening Maple six lanes from Emmet-124th. In the 2040 MAPA it lists Maple becoming six lanes up to 204th Street. I feel like within the last 10 years, Maple has had an increase in traffic and I think they should make it six lanes up to or near 144th Street. I'm hoping some will agree but I think if they are going to make improvements to 120th & Maple, I think it would make sense to make that section of Maple six lanes while there doing that. I think we should write a letter to the city request that be added to the project.

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