Hilton Hotel/Pinnacle Club swimming pools

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Hilton Hotel/Pinnacle Club swimming pools

Postby omahahawk » Sat Jun 11, 2016 2:53 pm

Curious if anybody can provide some insight. I'm looking for good sized swimming pool where I could do some actual lap swimming, preferably east of 72nd. Used to go to the Y on Maple years ago for this but don't necessarily want to go back there. Was thinking about the Pinnacle Club downtown. If anybody goes there do you find the pool generally accessible in the early morning for laps. Just want to find a decent pool,one that isn't tied up a lot with swimming lessons/rehab classes. Also, I think I heard at one time a person could get a membership or at least pay to use the pool at the Century Link Hilton for this. Anybody done either?...good experience?....

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