20 Awesome U.S. Cities

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20 Awesome U.S. Cities

Postby Coyote » Sat Nov 09, 2013 1:30 pm

[font=Georgia]20 Awesome U.S. Cities You Need To Visit In Your 20s[/font]

Nashville, Tennessee
Asheville, North Carolina
Portland, Oregon
Denver, Colorado
Kansas City, Missouri
Seattle, Washington
New Orleans, Louisiana
Austin, Texas
Missoula, Montana
Burlington, Vermont
Eureka, California
Eugene, Oregon
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Omaha, Nebraska

You might think that Omaha is a really... random.. place. And it is. But the city has lots of attractions and is definitely worth a stop on a road trip or a Midwest adventure. You can explore underground caves at Henry Doorly Zoo, or experience the growing indie music scene. Omaha was named the most hungover city (with most bars per capita) in the United States, which means it's probably a really fun place to drink.

Bisbee, Arizona
Anchorage, Alaska
Ocean City, Maryland
Honolulu, Hawaii
Albuquerque, New Mexico
Savannah, Georgia

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