Does anyone have old Christmas photos from Crossroads?

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Does anyone have old Christmas photos from Crossroads?

Postby iBrix » Sat Dec 16, 2017 10:12 am

Being born and raised in Omaha (near the Saddle Creek / Target Store), Crossroads Mall was one of my family's go-to shopping centers. I'd say we went there more often than Center Mall or Westroads (at least during my elementary school years).

I wanted to see if anyone happened to have photos of the old Crossroads Santa display - in particular, I'm guessing it would be around the 1980-1985 range where they used to have him down towards I think Brandeis (at the east end). The display was in the middle of the mall area and they used to have props that were like small houses or buildings with either animatronic elves or perhaps they were just stuffed dolls for props.

I was hoping my mom had something but no luck - it sounds silly, but as a kid, I though the display itself was almost more interesting than seeing Santa.

On a similar note - my dad and mom used to drive us over to a couple of houses that I think were around the Fontenelle Blvd / Ames Ave area... going back again to about the same general timeframe. If I remember correctly, one of the houses opened it's garage and it had a large display in there, plus a lot of the "old school" blow-mold type decorations out front - a setup of chorus singers, I think a blow mold train hanging from a tree in their backyard to some suspended cable thing. I just remember the displays being so large that we would park our car and walk down their sidewalk to look at everything. I think you could even walk up to their front door to see decorations.

Any photos would be awesome!


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