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Re: Wooing Businesses To Omaha

Postby Professor Woland » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:12 pm

ricko wrote:Does Omaha really need another chain burger/pizza/whatever joint, or a chain anything? Omaha has plenty of home grown places that are much better than In& Out, Shake Shack, etc.. Sometimes I think the people posting this stuff are really cardiologists trying to drum up business. I think Omaha is a very underrated city that is better than average at marketing itself to prospective businesses. It's just difficult to convince start-ups to move here because of a perceived coastal notion that it is a backward cow town, which is an attitude that is quickly dispelled when people spend any amount of time here. I think the thing that is really holding us back are educational institutions that lack top notch business and tech schools that feed into the local economy, although I think the Med Center's recent growth spurt is a good sign---maybe that'll have a ripple effect on some of the other schools in the area.

I have never had a burger at Block 16, but I have had the other ones that are considered the best and the only one better than Shake Shack is the one at J Coco (also the Grey Plume when they have the all meat burger, not the mushroomy one there now.)

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Re: Wooing Businesses To Omaha

Postby Omaha Cowboy » Fri Jul 07, 2017 8:23 pm

Brad wrote:
Omaha Cowboy wrote:But I'd take a Rainforest Cafe :thumb: ...

Those still exist?

I've recently eaten at the one at Grapevine Mall in Dallas..

Very cool place. Yes they still exist...

Go Cowboys!

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Re: Wooing Businesses To Omaha

Postby RockHarbor » Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:31 pm

bigredmed1 wrote:
RockHarbor wrote:You're right...restaurant chains are so bad & evil, aren't they? We should just have ONE Runza in town, with lines of cars backing out into the street, and lines of people going out the door...every day....shouldnt we? (Point made. Be glad they are around, and have many locations.)

I would rather have a local place that puts a individual take on a meal than another place that pumps out cheese food product receiving burger patty meat products with 1.5 grams of lettuce, 1.5 grams of tomato, and 0.5 grams of "secret sauce". Go try Report Inn Pub for their nachos or burgers and then compare them to the nachos across the street at Taco Bell. RIP has a neat take on nachos and their burgers are great and also unique. Like Stellas, but not a copy. They make them the way they want to and we get to have two flavors of burgers, the mass produced food and the unique taste.

Would I want just one Runza store? No, for obvious reasons you allude to, but if I had to choose between Runzas and a White Castle vs what I have now, it would be no contest. I much prefer the local flavors.

Went to the Infusion Blood Mary contest sponsored by the National Hemophilia Foundation. After that, I made a point of patronizing each of the bars that participated to express my gratitude for their stepping up for my patients who get camp scholarships from this fundraiser. Just like the variety of individual bars' takes on their Bloody Marys, they all have interesting takes on their food. RIP's outstanding burgers, Beyond Golf's amazing Poblano Queso, Tracks's fried chicken, all beat their chain competitors, just by being interesting if nothing else.
What's wrong with just liking it all? I like fast food chains (if I'm in the mood, and on the go), and I like gourmet, individual restaurants as well (if in the mood, and can sit down). Ya know? I don't why so many sit so proud and high & mighty with their own tongue & tastebuds, and expect everyone to follow suit to what they find appealing foodwise -- and challenge those that don't. Really? The world of restaurants thankfully isn't tailor-fitted to one person and doesn't revolve around each of us, or any of us (of course) -- and either does the grocery store. To each his own. P.S. I also don't personally agree with parents making their children always eat everything on their plate. Tastebuds change. When I was a kid, things like sauerkraut made me gag. Now, I love it.
"Crossroads Village" down the street from "Aksarben Village?" Does "Crossroads" have any meaning to people 20 and under? "Dodge At 72nd" is a type name I like better, drawing from the excitement of the iconic, special Omaha intersection. My $.02.

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Re: Wooing Businesses To Omaha

Postby buildomaha » Fri Jul 07, 2017 11:12 pm

Wow I thought I cared a lot about food, but obviously some people here are willing to fight for their food! :lol: :D

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Re: Wooing Businesses To Omaha

Postby bigredmed1 » Sat Jul 08, 2017 7:34 am

buildomaha wrote:Wow I thought I cared a lot about food, but obviously some people here are willing to fight for their food! :lol: :D

Apparently. I just don't want anymore of our local places squeezed out by chains.

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